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# Building Enhanced HTML Help with DHTML & CSS


-- A proven methodology every online Help writer can use immediately. -- Advanced techniques: interactivity, graphics, synchronized tables of contents, indexing, full-text search, and more. -- By one of the first writers to build an enterprise-class online help system with HTML Help. The best way to create Help systems for Windows software is with Microsoft's advanced HTML Help system -- and the best way to use HTML Help is to leverage the power of DHTML and Cascading Style Sheets at the same time. Building Enhanced HTML Help with DHTML and CSS is the first book to show you how to use all three technologies together. Written by one of the first developers to create an industrial-strength HTML Help system, it provides a proven methodology and step-by-step instructions for creating world-class help systems that leverage both advanced Web technologies and traditional publishing strategies. Learn how to plan and design online help systems. Discover what HTML Help brings to the table, including a graphical look and feel (managed through CSS) and increased interactivity (managed through DHTML). Learn how to craft HTML templates and individual pages, define your HTML Help project, create navigation, compile and view your Help; then walk step-by-step through creating cascading style sheets and DHTML elements for online help. Klein covers automatic compilation, cross-referencing, tables of contents, and merging modular files into a single online help system. Along the way, she identifies the most common problems that occur in real-world HTML Help construction, and presents detailed solutions.


Jeannine M. E. Klein

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